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Game Golem was founded from the need for pure journalism. Unlike most modern gaming news websites, we provide all legitimate news and reviews without all the greed and corruption! We don't get paid for our reviews (we're all volunteers), so you can be 100% sure that what we write about the game is 100% based on how it works well and doesn't -- in our own opinions of course! 

While we are currently not a large enough entity to actually pay out money to our contributors. We do not guarantee that we will not pay our contributors. We will NEVER take payment for positive reviews. Those discovered taking payments privately will be removed as a contributor and their articles pulled entirely.

The Birth of Game Golem:

When Dylan Graham laid the idea of Game Golem on the table while talking to Devin Strickland on a game, sparks began flying. No, they weren't falling in love with each other. They were falling in love with the idea of a corruption-free website where gamers, game enthusiasts, and the like, could come together to read AND write articles without worrying about someone getting paid top dollar to provide a 7/10 game with a 10/10 review score. 

Moving into 2015:

Game Golem has seen an astounding first few months with our Facebook page reaching 69 likes and a steady increase in volunteers. Our vision is to continue increasing our production rate for content while also introducing new content mediums such as Game Golem videos through YouTube.

We're just a bit past halfway through the year and holy crap does time fly! It's been a super exciting and equally depressing year with both new game announcements and more game delays, but overall the year has been just what we wanted as gamers. As for the site, it's been slower for us than we'd personally like, but that is just what happens when you can't do what you love fulltime because there is no money in it.

Whoa! It's the end of the year. It's been chaotic here at Game Golem. We've seen an entire overhaul of the website. We've started a podcast, and we've brought in some more people to create content!