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Are you interested in being a part of the Game Journalism Revolution?

We are currently looking for anyone with skills in various areas. If you want to submit content like Video Game reviews, news, and opinion pieces, sign up via the Contribute tab above. If you are an artist, graphic designer, audio engineer, videographer, YouTuber, etc, please email Dylan at Other positions are readily available even if not posted. Email Dylan for all inquiries.

Descriptions of positions and what they entail below.
Some positions you can consider:

    Social Media Manager (Facebook): You will be tasked with updating, posting content, interacting with people, and relaying information to and from the Team. You will update the Facebook page if any outages are reported with the Game Golem website, if any changes are applied to the Game Golem website, etc. You will be required to post new content that was published onto the site, linking back to the site, using call to actions. You will also need to relay any information in regards to support requests, inquiries, and comments/suggestions from fans to the Team or replies from the Team to a questions, inquiry, etc. All while being professional.

    Content Creator: Content Creators are the core of what Game Golem is. They are the content providers. Writers create articles based on recent news, reviews, or a personal opinion article. You are to write in as professional of a manner as possible, using correct spelling and grammar. You should also provide images as you see fit. (Most content should be accompanied by visuals to break up large chunks of test... like this page!) Don't forget to proof read your content as well!

    Artist/Graphic Designer: Artists/Graphic Designers are the visual side of everything. You are tasked with various things from creating images to go along with a Content Creator's content and will also be used for various website related items. i.e. Backgrounds, Logos, Header, promotional pieces, events, and giveaways.

    Audio Manager: The task of an Audio Manager, while not very utilized right now in our early stages, would be to create and/or find sounds and music for video content for the Game Golem YouTube channel or other content creators.

    Recruiter: Recruiters are those simply tasked with promoting positions for Game Golem in a civil, non-invasive way. That means no spamming forums, comments, emails, or social media accounts. You should form a conversation about the topic before asking, so to not be rude or demanding. You may advertise in YouTube videos, streams, or other methods that don't go against the previously stated.

    Proofreader: Proofreaders are the catch-all for content creator's written content. You review drafts upon request by content creators before final review for publishing.

    Researcher: Researchers are the catch-all for proof, political accuracy, and overall accuracy of content facts and statements. That means you go online to confirm whatever is being said. If the numbers reported are for example, 5 million copies sold or 4.8 million.