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Tom Clancys: The Division

Tom Clancy's: The Division was announced back during E3 2013. Subsequently delayed two times. Ubisoft may have made those decisions early on to ensure they didn't have another AC: Unity debacle on their hands. Anyways, those who have been following The Divisions development know there hasn't been too much display of gameplay happening. Only some short clips of Xbox One game play every few months. Which left those that were following the game disappointed with an apparent visual downgrade seen from the E3's prior.

You make your own decisions based on the video. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if they did downgrade it. even if we don't like it this way, we know modders will find ways to fix it for them. We love you modders. 

Let's run down the features list -

1. Persistent & Dynamic Open World New York City

The Division - Snowdrop Engine - Snow Simulation

From day one they have said that The Division was going to be open for players to explore. That the world would change based on player actions and continue to remain how the player leaves it. Players will also get to see weather affect the world and how they have to play. Snow will cover the map potentially leaving footprint trails for others to track down. It's unknown, as of now, if weather will affect gun-play other than purely sight-based though.

2. Co-op

Ubisoft has also stated that co-op is a focus for the game. They want you and I to grab friends and take back New York. If it so happens that you're not always the type of person to play with others, don't worry! They said it's not required, but it will be more enjoyable if you do.

It was announced that there would be a companion app for mobile devices targeting tablets that would allow you to play with friends via a remote aerial vehicle, but that plan has since been scrapped.

3. Player Progression.

The Division will use an experience system to gage how strong your Agent is as well as what challenges you are allowed to take on. It's a fitting system in what most people are calling an "MMO". It's unsure just how much of an "MMO" feel the game will have at this time.

We do know that skills are unique to different play styles and are unlocked based on mission progress. As players continue to progress they will open access to a large variety of skills that can range from damage increase to increased scan range.

The game will also pack a talent and perk system.

"Each talent provides a unique combat enhancement triggered through defined activities that assist you in overcoming a challenge. When you have unlocked every one of them, you can select and freely swap between them to explore a variety of options."

Some perks include allowing players to carry more to additional crafting materials.

4. Player vs Player:

We know of one way to obtain powerful gear. You must risk your in-game life in the "Dark Zone". A PvP enabled seamless multiplayer zone that pits you, your team, and anyone else willing to enter the same area, against each other to recover what could potentially be a legendary weapon.

Dark Zone's will reward ranks rather than levels.

"Detached from the regular level experience, players gain Dark Zone experience more as a rank system rather than a level.

With a higher rank you will gain access to superior equipment and crafting recipes at specific vendors, but it will also be a requirement to access the high value crates the agents will stumble upon throughout the Dark Zone. Unique to this experience type as well, you can also decrease in rank if you end up dying enough within the Dark Zone. Going rogue certainly has its risks: you will lose even more Dark Zone experience based on your rogue status, but is the potential loot reward from other agents worth the risk?"

- Senior Game Designer, Marcus Rosengren.

Based on what Marcus said we can't really assume much. We have no detail on how players may be seperated in these areas, or if any person of any level/rank can enter and essentially grind down on the "noobs" of the game.

5. Player vs Enviroment:

The main story of the game is going up against AI's controlling different areas. Your goal as an Agent is to find out the source of the virus that has taken out such a large portion of the population. We hope to see way more about what to expect from the story when the beta launches sometime before 2016.

6. The Engine:

Snowdrop Engine - Massive Entertainment - Ubisoft

While there aren't specifics on every aspect of the Snowdrop engine. We do know that it provides a sound base for fluent and beautiful looking graphical power. Dynamic environments, dynamic weather, dynamic lighting, and much more. Unfortunately, they haven't spoke too much about the engine's capabilities as a whole, so we will have to wait to find out what it can do.

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