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Amazon has released a way for you to support your favorite chairites,the gaming industry has been doing so with things like Humble Bundle for a while now. So why not be charitable while you buy new gear? logo

So what is Amazon Smile? Well, it's simply put, an automatic way to donate to charity just by purchasing through the amaon store. Using will set your future purchases up for amazon to donate money to the charity you choose. In my case, I chose the Child's Play charity, but you can choose from "Almost 1 million eligible charities."

Amazon will be donating 0.5% of the purchase cost of your cart excluding taxes, shipping and handling, and some other exclusions you can find here.

Why are we sharing this?

Well, not only can it be related to gaming, it's for a good cause. Not all gaming products are eligible, but if you needed more of a reason to buy that new mouse or keyboard, why not use charitable giving?

If you don't want anything though, always feel free to donate some spare cash to a charity directly if you would like. Here's Child's Play's page. 

We ran a charity event a while back for Child's Play and considering our unknown status(even to this day) we raised around 100 dollars for the charity through streaming online. 

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