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Dylan G is a hardcore gamer with full intention on loving every moment of game time he gets. Dylan is also the Game Golem founder and Web Developer. He loves music and his secondary hobby after gaming is drumming. For all things ridiculous, follow him on twitter: @Codewow_

Changelog: 12/17/15

  • Remedied an issue where titles couldn't have punctuation, ultimately making them a little bizarre to read.
  • Remedied an issue that caused articles to incorrectly sort in the display list on the home page.



  1. Looking into why sessions are being cut short of the 2 hour time limit set when writing content. -- Note added at the bottom of this post explaining what you should do.
  2. Looking into an issue that is preventing some users from updating their "Description" sections of their accounts.

Also a note -- it has been added to the submission page: Write your content in a document on your computer then copy and paste it into the editor and stylize it. Doing it this way will cut back on the amount of data loss if something like getting logged out early were to happen.


Remember, we're in development still. Things WILL go wrong, but everyone who is volunteering to write content is graciously assisting in pinpointing these issues so we may get them fixed as soon as physically possible.

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