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Game Golem 2.0?

Game Golem is a project I started with my best friend. I did all of the web stuff and he was going to produce content. While our run was short, it provided us with experience we didn't have prior. 

This kind of project is big. We were and probably still are not big enough. However, with everything I've learned from Game Golem to my other sites, I know this can be a big deal. That it can be a positive addition to the gaming news scene. 

It's going to need to happen if we're ever going to get on the right track. Which means that some important changes will need to happen. 

For example, the website needs to be overhauled. More modern looking, less amateur. It's gonna need a more user friendly submission process. With the ability for even basic users to submit their own content. Whether aggregating from other news sites or from them typing out their own reviews/impression.

Then we're gonna have to actually get some content up. I'll have to be doing that for the time being until others see and start posting/sharing with others.

Then we're going to have to try to make it all work. Maybe make some money here and there to produce specialized content like honest reviews of games, consoles, etc.

Then we're going to have to take over the world because that's what everyone would do, right?

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