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Will you be purchasing a VR headset in 2016?

Published: 02/17/2016

A Message From Our Founder

Hello everyone, it's Dylan. The Game Golem Founder and Developer. I want to talk about the future of Game Golem. [...]

Published: 02/05/2016

Virtual Reality or Virtual Fiction

As an everĀ evolving species, we think of expanding our horizons in the land of technology. We think of new ideas, re-think old ideas and often forget [...]

Published: 02/03/2016

You buy Amazon Gives To Charity

Amazon is donating a percentage of money from your cart to the charity of your choice. [...]

Published: 01/25/2016

If The Future Is Online Only We Need To Talk

Online only is a sour topic. So let's discuss it now. Before it hits us like a brick. [...]

Published: 01/04/2016

2015 The Good The Bad And The Ugly

2015 has been a big year for game developers and gamers alike. Whilst some announcements have been uplifting to the gaming community [...]

Published: 12/28/2015

We want your feedback

We want your feedback on Game Golem! [...]

Published: 12/16/2015

All jokes aside why so serious

Games today are the manifestation of the ideas and imaginations of the "Next Gen", but what has happened to good, old-fashioned, [...]

Published: 12/13/2015

PlayStation 4 Officially Jailbroken

While it's not surprising that hackers were working on it, it is surprising just how soon it's been confirmed. Confirmed in the sense that [...]

Published: 12/12/2015

What We Know About The Division

Everything we know about Tom Clancy's: The Division all in one place! [...]

Published: 11/22/2015

Holiday Shopping Guide For The Parents Of A Gamer

So, your son or daughter is a gamer. Maybe you have more than one and yo [...]

Published: 11/10/2015

The Night Before Fallout 4

It was the calm before the storm and then it happened: Fallout 4. [...]