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I'm a self-confessed Monster Energy enthusiast and casual gamer, although I can get hardcore at times. I started gaming when I was very young and have been loving every moment of it. I am so enthusiastic about gaming that I'm trying to bring it into real life by making my own Halo armour. I am driven by my passion for gaming.


2015 has been a big year for game developers and gamers alike. Whilst some announcements have been uplifting to the gaming community, others have been a bitter-sweet. Here are the highlights of 2015:


Sept 17: Sony dominates Tokyo Game Show 2015.
Sony announced the release of several new, better and revised games at the Tokyo Game Show 2015. If anything can be taken from this show, it can be the fact that Sony is hell bent on being the one and only "go to" console and game creators. With games such as Gravity Rush and the remaster of the God of War series, it can be confidently said that Sony is not only pushing the limits of achievement, but far exceeding it. Where Microsoft let down the gaming community, Sony picked up the pieces and rebuilt it in their own way.

Sony Logo


Nov 12: Microsoft announces Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One.
With the launch of the Xbox One in 2013 came the joy of the "Next Gen" with the bitter after-taste of losing all of one's prized 360 games. In 2015, however, Microsoft wanted to remedy this by using the cleaver trick of "Backwards Compatibility" to ensure their audience stay captivated. This, again, left Xbox gamers brooding. This time over the games that were announced as "compatible". Games which were arguably some of Microsoft's "Worst Sellers", were the first to be announced. Logically, one would think that because of the whole idea of taking a game, making it look better and slapping on a price that only a king could afford, would be reason enough for that game not to be "Back. Comp.", but then the "Gears of War" series was announced as one of the titles and that through everyone for a loop!


Nov 2015: The largest release of games to date!
Next Gen gamers were biting their nails and pulling their hair out in anticipation of the biggest release of some of the most anticipated games of all time. Games that were years in the making. Star Wars: Battlefront, Fallout 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Need For Speed were what gamers had been dreaming about for months on end. Yet, for the gamers, they had won the battle but not the war. Developers had the last laugh when they made Need For Speed and Star Wars: Battlefront "Online Only".


-Kyle Steele

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