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Dylan G is a hardcore gamer with full intention on loving every moment of game time he gets. Dylan is also the Game Golem founder and Web Developer. He loves music and his secondary hobby after gaming is drumming. For all things ridiculous, follow him on twitter: @Codewow_


Hello everyone, it's Dylan. The Game Golem Founder and Developer. Ever since Devin and I started Game Golem we had this dream of making gaming journalism worth reading again. With all of the scandals and corruption due to money in other places on the internet, we set out to be better than the average news site.

We started off strong, with almost an article a day whether that was big or small, we had content flowing. We had the drive to continue to grow. But over the last year it's been an uphill battle. Content started to become scarce and there were times where months would lapse before even one piece of content was released.

I got into contact with some individuals that were interested in sharing their content. They posted at least once and then they disappeared. That was probably my fault with not keeping them in the loop. Either way, the content still hasn't kept up.

Not only has content not kept up, but my updates have slowed down as well. I've been split between multiple projects and personal life and because I make nothing from this, it means I can't spend all of my time developing it.

Because of all of this I have started to consider and reconsider the future of Game Golem as a gaming journalism brand. My new goal with Game Golem is to make it into something even I want to visit and at this point it's not even close.

I'm going to continue to build upon Game Golem as a journalism website, but in the future the focus may change or be diverted in a new direction.

This will all be in collaboration with Devin and the others. If Devin shows little to no interest in continuing I will immediately assume direct control over Game Golem and begin working with others on how to expand what has the potential of being something great. We just need individuals that are interested in using their time and effort to build it and share ideas.

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